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Marketing in amusement parks is a well renowned strategy of some of the worlds largest companies and we offer you an opportunity to partner with us and do the same. You may, for example sponsor rides, tickets, facilities, arrange product launches, sales meetings and much more As you might know Siliguri is a rapidly growing city strategically located in the Chickens Neck - a very narrow strip of land linking mainland India to its northeastern states. It is the transit point for air, road and rail traffic to the neighboring countries of Nepal , Bhutan and Bangladesh . Finally, it is the commercial nerve center of North Bengal and many important companies has opened and are opening offices here. Hence, advertising in Savin Kingdom will help you reach a wide variety of people in a very effective way.,

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Why advertise in the park?

Some of the advantages of partnering with us and making advertisement in Savin Kingdom part of you're strategic marketing mix are as follows: : We offer you a choice of creative possibilities you cannot find in most other outdoor advertising locations (see possibilities for more info) You're audience will be in a joyful mood and free from stress with a state of mind open to remembering you're name and message One will not be able to turn you're message off, throw it away, or jump to the next page Your message will be visible to you're audience without clutter and the distraction that advertisement compete with on the street The positive atmosphere of the park automatically transfer to you're brand You're message will be d elivered to a mass audience, reaching all ethnic, income and demographic groups

The frequency, the average number of times that an individual is exposed to your advertising message during a visit will be high.

Your advertisement is likely to have a high approach meaning that the area where the ad can be seen is large The cost of reaching one thousand advertising exposures is low (low CPM) DEC (Daily Effective Circulation) is high. The number guests who have the opportunity to see you're ad per 24-hour period is up to 4500. You're message is visible 364 days a year 9 hours a day instead of single day as with magazines or newspapers. Delivers your message to today's consumer that is spending more and more time away from their home It will provide you with high continuity; you will eliminate campaign gaps you may experience in other media.


We try to offer you possibilities that will fit any creative marketing strategy and almost any budget. We consider you as partners and guest so whatever you want we will try to conform to it. Feel free to discuss any type of embellishments with us, weather it be illumination, figures, mechanical devices or lighting attached to you're ads to create your desired effects. We encourage different, funny and creative advertisement as it will enhance our guests experience and most importantly will make you're message definitely stand out against competitors and be better remembered by the audience. We are happy to help you with these kinds of arrangements by coming with ideas, counseling and helping you find resources to make your ideas reality.

If you would like to discuss this matter further or you have any questions feel free to contact us here link to contact . We are looking forward to hearing from you

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